Yoga Classes 

Move and Meditate

Movement of the body in order to prepare for meditation. Class begins with 40 minutes of flowing movement to release energy and prepare our body and mind for meditation. Each class will focus on different styles of meditation — guided, quiet, yoga nidra, metta or others.


Mindful Movement

Mindful movement offers an opportunity for each to student to experience themselves as a whole being-- body, mind, and soul. Movement involves a mixture of postures that focus on strengthening and opening as well as balance-building. Meditation is included towards the end of class to cultivate a practice of presence. Awareness and self-exploration are encouraged throughout.

Class Schedule

Move & Meditate, Tuesday 9:30-10:30 am @ Sangha NORTH

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Mindful Movement, Monday 9:00-10:15 am @ Shelburne Community Movement

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