Work with Caitlin


By finding, focusing, and supporting your strengths, you will THRIVE!


You're ready...

to move back into your own body, your own emotions...

to tap into your own personal will power...

to discover your true desires...

to find your WILD, to live it and love it! 


Let me help you re-discover who you were

before life got in the way...

Be your Fire

Live in your body, occupy all of it! Use movement to activate your chakras and release stuck energy. 

Explore your Chakras

Ready to move forward from the past? To step into the strength of the present moment? Get clear on your desires so you can BREAK THROUGH!

Map your Desires

Radically transform your goals from the end result to the process, so you live exactly how you want to feel the entire time!

Ignite your Health

Help your body reach and maintain optimal mental and physical wellness with Essential oils.