RAW(R): a fiercely compassionate retreat for women


A Fiercely Compassionate Retreat For Women

October 19-21

This Wonderful Place

Stowe, VT

When was the last time you offered yourself fierce compassion?


How busy are you taking care of everyone else but yourself?

Can you remember what self-care and self-love feels like?

Are you craving connection with a tribe of women?

As women, we can have a tendency to put our needs second, to be more comfortable giving than receiving, or to fill in a role because it's what others need.

Sound familiar??? This is the retreat for you!

Take the time to fulfill your needs. Retreat to connect back with your truth.

RAW(R) is designed to give you your time and space. Opportunities are provided for Movement, Soul Work and Love, Self-reflection and Self-expression, Primal Connection, and Ceremony and Ritual.


With plenty of workshop opportunities, you get decide what you want to participate in and what you don't. We are here to support you in your process, knowing that the process is unique to you!

A fiercely compassionate retreat for women
October 19-21, 2018

at This Wonderful Place Retreat Center
Morrisville, VT

Accommodations and Food
 The most important things!
All food will be provided and cooked by a private chef. Meals will be as locally sourced as possible and vegetarian. We can cater to most dietary needs and restrictions.
You will be sleeping in your own bed with an 8-inch memory foam mattress. Rooms are double and quadruple occupancy. Each room has its own theme and any room you are in will be like sleeping on cloud nine. 
Sample Retreat Schedule
 The schedule is what you make it.



Buti Yoga

Goddess Guidance & Compassion Journey

Self-reflection time

Heart Chakra workshop

Lunch & Relaxation

Shadow Play

Self-care time (hot tub/hike/nap)


Primal Night Quest

Fire pit


Arrival and Introduction


Embodied Movement

Group Circle and Intention Setting


Breakfast Lite

Slow Flow Restorative with Reiki


Creative expression & reflection

Group Circle and Goodbyes

Lunch (optional)

Self-care and exploration

About Marty and Caitlin
Marty and Caitlin share the natural inclination of holding safe space for others, especially Women, both in their personal and professional lives. A common thread is using both their intuition and their skill sets to help others in their processes. This means leaving room for the entire process. The "light", the "dark", and everything in between. It's ALL allowed and celebrated. 
This natural tendency has been further cultivated through an openness and willingness to first look inward honestly and compassionately at Self. They believe that healing only can happen when one embraces all parts of one's story and experiences. When there is awareness and acceptance, one can then be Empowered to live authentically and make inspired choices.