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Essential oils are the natural defense systems of plants. Extracting the essence of a plants defense systems provides those same kinds of adaptogenic properties for use by us!


Why do I love essential oils? Because changing our habits from grabbing pills to oils is the evolution that needs to occur. For every ailment your body is speaking to you, there is a plant that has existed to help. Essential oils are nature's purest form of communicating to our cells exactly what our bodies need in order to reach homeostasis.


You CAN support the healing of yourself and your family, emotionally and physically. Essential oils can help you manage moods, pain, and overall wellness. Treat your body with natural, non-toxic solutions that bring back the balance to your mind and body!


As Essential Oils are incredibly powerful, I do strongly suggest taking a class before using.



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I offer classes routinely but am also happy to schedule a 1-1 consultation to make sure you get the best oils for you!

However, if you're ready to jump right in and start exploring oil options on your own, please feel free to learn more!

Essential Oils 101: An online introduction

Many of us have heard of essential oils before or used them haphazardly as aromatherapy-- without actually knowing the science or implications of the oils themselves. 

Knowledge is power. Help support your physical and emotional wellbeing.


We will explore exactly what essential oils are, how you can use them, why you would want to use them, and how you can get them. 


Join me in this complementary online class!


Next Class: Wednesday, July 6, 8 pm EST