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You, Your Yoga, and Your Chakras


Deepen your mind-body connection by learning about chakras-- what they are and how they affect your practice both on and off the yoga mat. We will learn about the physical, metaphysical, and emotional connections created by the chakra system. Explore your own life journey through movement, pranayama, journaling, and meditation. You will leave with a clearer awareness of your body and your own thought processes. 


Nourish your Chakras


Nourish your body by nourishing your mind. Explore the connection between your body, your relationships, and your life passions from a chakra perspective. Each class in this series will delve deeply into one of the base chakras using movement, meditation, discussion, and other mindfulness exercises. Develop tools to actively listen to your body and become aware of emotional triggers in a safe and supportive environment in order to free both the energetic and physical body. The final class will focus on over arching themes of the base chakras and synthesis of over all chakra system. Please bring a notebook and comfortable clothes to do some yoga/movement exercises.