Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Bringing the Body to Therapy.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy blends therapeutic dialog with movement of the body to integrate all levels of being-- body, mind, and spirit. This non-diagnostic body-based approach is used to explore your unique life experience and perspective.


During a one-on-one session, you are guided to observe and witness your physical body through mindful movement and breath, as well as your mental and emotional bodies. From this place of awareness, the opportunity to connect your inner wisdom with your life circumstances arises.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy acts as this bridge, connecting the mind to the body and the self to the other. At the end of every session, you will walk away with at least one action step, chosen by you, that will support how you want to live your life.


The wonderful thing about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is that no session is identical-- we are all on different paths. This is the opportunity to explore and to decide your personal path.

As a practioner-in-training, I am offering sessions at 50% off through February 2018 in exchange for feedback. From February 2018 onward: $70/hr.


Her sessions are baller I cried my eyes out






One of the most powerful healers and healing modalities I've experienced. and I've experienced a lot.



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