Certifications & Trainings:

Chakra intensive w/ Judith Anodea

RYT 200

Buti Yoga Instructor

MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts

TFA Corps member (New Mexico)

BA from Middlebury College

About Caitlin

You live in in your body. Occupy all of it. Listen closely.

The first time I became aware that my feet were not on the ground it took me about ten minutes to actually put my feet on the ground.


I hid them behind the chair legs. I crossed them at the ankles. I put just my toes just on the floor. Why was this so hard? I was so overwhelmed and scared in my life that it was hard for me to actually be somewhere, to have my feet on the ground.


I walked away from my first body-based therapeutic experience with the reminder: Live in your body. Occupy all of it. 

This eventually led me to yoga-- particularly, postpartum yoga was the only thing that reached into my core and allowed feeling there. I began to really occupy my body and my life changed -- medical testing, diet changes, career changes-- I became empowered.

So what's more than that? Not just living in the body but, listening to the body, inviting and recognizing all the inner layers.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy integrates all levels of being-- body, mind, and spirit-- by listening closely to what is true in the present moment on all levels. This acceptance of what is leads and continues to lead me into a deeper awareness of my self and what it means to live out my Truth.

This is living my truth: 


How do I do this? I am currently a certified yoga teacher (200-hr) as well as a  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (600-hr). My job is to guide you back into your body so that you can occupy all of it, listening and trusting yourself on a deeper level so that you can make sustainable changes in your life that support how you want to live.

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Caitlin Downey
RYT-200; Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

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